Thursday, June 14, 2012



1.  If I ask them how Gaspard and Lisa (from Disney) say "Hello," they say "Bonjour!"  If I ask them how Dora the Explorer says "Hello?"  They respond with "In Spanish."


1. She has become a real chatterbox.  The funny thing is that she will say one or two sentences that I can understand and then the rest is just gibberish because she is talking so fast and excitedly.  And then all of a sudden, I will recognize a couple words again and be able to figure out what she is rambling about!


1. He is always concerned about Emma and what she is doing.  I took them to story time at the library while I was off of work and when the librarian was passing out books, he grabbed two and told her "one is for Emma."  And then when she put a stamp on his hand, he said "Emma needs one too"