Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

We took the kids to the Zoo on Monday and in lieu of taking the Canon, we just used my I Phone camera. The pictures came out pretty good!

Josh checking out the animals

Of course Emma had to climb up on the fence


Dan and Josh

Walking on the bridge

Checking out a waterfall

Me and the kids (kind of)

Dan and Emma

Josh insisted on pulling the wagon

Me and Josh

Me and the kids


Checking out the monkey

Dan holding Josh under the water mister

And Emma under the water mister

Me and Emma

Resting on the way home

Josh almost falling asleep! (they slept for almost 3 hours when we got home)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I was home this week with Emma and Josh and its been fun! Its definitely a challenge to keep them entertained all the time but we did the zoo, a couple story hours, trips to the park, visit to a splash pad, lunch at Subway and some crafts at home.  I really love spending a lot of time with them.


1. I took her arm and pretended to nibble on it and said "I am going to eat your arm like a sausage."  She promptly told me "Mom, I'm not a sausage, I'm a kid!"

2. She has a great imagination.  She likes to line up toys on the floor and then jump over them.  She tells me they are mountains.  She also puts all of her toys in a pile and then pretends to be a doctor and takes care of them.



1.  He loves to help with things.   He gets so excited when I lift him onto the counter so he can put toast in the toaster or when I give him a plastic knife and let him spread cream cheese on the toast.  He also tries to help Dan in the yard with digging or moving bricks.  He says "I am a big helper, mama"

2.  He loves babies.  At one of our story hours, there was a newborn in an infant seat.  He kept looking at the baby and then telling me "did you see the baby? there is a baby there!"  He keeps reminding me about the baby we saw.


They have the funniest conversations with one another.  Two of my favorites this week are:

1. We were driving past a playground and Josh said to Emma "Look, Em! A playground! We take mommy and daddy there!"

2. Josh was asking me why I didn't take my  shoes off at the splash pad so I told him "Its because I'm a mommy, not a kid."  Emma said to me "No, you aren't a mommy.  You are a good mom."  

So, so precious.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

KiKi's Birthday

On Saturday, we celebrated my sister's birthday.  It was nice to be able to get outside with the kids and they enjoyed the kiddie pool at my parents' house.  They also love cookout food and of course...the cake!
Dan filling up squirty toys in the pool



Dan and Josh


Josh and my grandparents

Emma and Uncle Paul


Josh and uncle Paul

Emma and my grandpa

Josh and Emma

Josh and Emma


Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Hair Cut

We finally took Emma and Josh for their first haircut.  Josh's hair was getting so long and thick and Emma's hair was just out of control.  They got their hair cut at the same time and did great!  Josh kept smiling and looking around.  Emma had kind of a scowl on her face most of the time but told me she liked her hair.   Here are some pictures for the adventure:

Josh before

Back of Emma's hair before

Emma before (she wouldn't look at me)

Josh, looking confused about the haircut

Getting his hair cut

Mid cut, look at how much is coming off!

Almost done!

Emma getting her haircut

She at this look on her face the whole time

Trimming up the sides

Sprinklers and Popsicles

I love summer! Its so nice to be able to go outside after dinner and let the kids play. Their favorite things? The sprinkler and a Popsicle, they love them!

They love sticking their face in the sprinkler

Running through

Emma putting something in the sprinkler

Pure joy!

Checking out the sprinkler

Emma and her Popsicle

Discussing Popsicles over the sprinkler

And then Dan turned it on to surprise them!


Josh doesn't finish his whole Popsicle

But Emma sure does!