Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Hair Cut

We finally took Emma and Josh for their first haircut.  Josh's hair was getting so long and thick and Emma's hair was just out of control.  They got their hair cut at the same time and did great!  Josh kept smiling and looking around.  Emma had kind of a scowl on her face most of the time but told me she liked her hair.   Here are some pictures for the adventure:

Josh before

Back of Emma's hair before

Emma before (she wouldn't look at me)

Josh, looking confused about the haircut

Getting his hair cut

Mid cut, look at how much is coming off!

Almost done!

Emma getting her haircut

She at this look on her face the whole time

Trimming up the sides


The Lane Family said...

They did so well getting their hair cut!!! It seems like when I get their hair cut it really shows how fast they are growing up!!!