Thursday, July 5, 2012


Long and crazy week here, which is why I am doing this post at 5:30 on a Saturday morning, two days after Thursday. Work is crazy (I am actually on my way to work claims about 1.5 hours from home) and our basement flooded again this week. I've been off of work but not really off so I am balancing the kids, work and the stuff around the house. I need a break!


1. She brought me acorns the other day and I asked her to count them. She lined them up and then counted to 7! She has counted to 10 before, too but she skips 8.


1. Josh is more of an "Alphabet guy" and has been randomly singing the alphabet for me. I can make out a lot of the letters when he does it, its so cute!


1. We have a couple picture bibles and have been reading stories at night. They ask for Noah (they love the dove and the olive branch for some reason) and they also like David and Goliath.


The Lane Family said...

I hope you get a break at some point Miss Shannon it sounds like you buried in all kinds of stuff :( I love the kids bikes they are so cute!!! I hope things settle down soon.