Thursday, July 12, 2012


Another long week but at least I am getting my post up on the right day.


1. They talk to one another a lot. This week, they were discussing what they did during the day and half of it was stuff they actually did (like eating and playing) and then some of it was stuff we did awhile ago (Like go to a water park)

2. A few times this week, they have randomly turned to the other and said "I love you so much" while giving a hug.


1. She really does love to eat and I actually caught her stealing food from Josh this week. They each had a cup with some snacks in it and when she could see he wasn't looking, she would dump some of his food in her already full cup!

Josh: 1. He wants Emma to wrestle with him all the time (hence the crazy wrestling pictures) and is always trying to pull her down. But he gets so mad if she is the one that initiates the wrestling, then he doesn't want to be bothered.


The Lane Family said...

This post just made me laugh for so many reasons!!

First of all I LOVE how they say they love each other and talk about their is moment's like those that just melt your heart as a mom :)

Then the story of Emma taking snacks from Josh just makes me laugh...I LOVE IT!!!

Then another funny thing is how Josh only likes wrestling when he starts it..that just made me laugh....

The picture of Josh upside down is AWESOME...I LOVE IT!!!