Thursday, July 19, 2012


Another week gone by!


He is such boy! Some examples are:

1. He likes to answer a lot of questions with "poooopy" or "butt"

2. His new favorite thing, aside from trucks, is knocking over whatever Emma is building with the blocks or running over all the toys in his riding car.


1. She talks really well but she has the hardest time with the word "Elephant."  She says "Elf-a-lunt" instead. 

2. We have started talking about how big girls don't suck their thumb.   She will then put just the edge of her thumb in her mouth and say "I only suck it a little, mommy."


1.  They love playing little games.  One they like right now is that Dan pretends to be sleeping and they go and wake him up and he yells "Rooooaaar!"  They laugh and scream like crazy.