Thursday, July 26, 2012


I was home this week with Emma and Josh and its been fun! Its definitely a challenge to keep them entertained all the time but we did the zoo, a couple story hours, trips to the park, visit to a splash pad, lunch at Subway and some crafts at home.  I really love spending a lot of time with them.


1. I took her arm and pretended to nibble on it and said "I am going to eat your arm like a sausage."  She promptly told me "Mom, I'm not a sausage, I'm a kid!"

2. She has a great imagination.  She likes to line up toys on the floor and then jump over them.  She tells me they are mountains.  She also puts all of her toys in a pile and then pretends to be a doctor and takes care of them.



1.  He loves to help with things.   He gets so excited when I lift him onto the counter so he can put toast in the toaster or when I give him a plastic knife and let him spread cream cheese on the toast.  He also tries to help Dan in the yard with digging or moving bricks.  He says "I am a big helper, mama"

2.  He loves babies.  At one of our story hours, there was a newborn in an infant seat.  He kept looking at the baby and then telling me "did you see the baby? there is a baby there!"  He keeps reminding me about the baby we saw.


They have the funniest conversations with one another.  Two of my favorites this week are:

1. We were driving past a playground and Josh said to Emma "Look, Em! A playground! We take mommy and daddy there!"

2. Josh was asking me why I didn't take my  shoes off at the splash pad so I told him "Its because I'm a mommy, not a kid."  Emma said to me "No, you aren't a mommy.  You are a good mom."  

So, so precious.