Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Shower

We had my sister's baby shower over a week ago and I forgot to post photos. Her baby will be here in LESS THAN A MONTH, so excited!
Emma and my sister

The favors- frosted elephant cookies

Emma loved checking everything out!

The cake

The game

The game

Emma, drooling over the marshmallows

My sister (She looks GREAT!)

Presents, she got so much stuff! (also, Emma thought the gifts were for her.  She kept saying "Look mom, I got a shirt!  um no, you didn't...)


My dad with Emma

My grandma


championm2000 said...

Love the favors!

The Lane Family said...

What an awesome Baby Shower!!! I love the game ideas..that is so fun and so friendly to all the guests!!!

You and your sister look A LOT alike!!!