Thursday, August 30, 2012

Olivia Claire

My sister was induced on Tuesday night because she developed pre-eclampsia and the next day, the most beautiful niece in the world was born.  She is precious and I already am in love with her.   I don't have many pictures but I wanted to share the few that I do have.

Paul, helping my sister through contractions

Waiting in the waiting room

Paul showing my mom pictures of Olivia
My grandparents looking at the pictures
Paul, moments after Olivia's birth

My grandma, happy with the news!

My mom is thrilled!

My parents, looking at Olivia in the nursery

My sister after (yes, AFTER.  Looks amazing)

My mom and sister

New mama
Olivia Claire  8/29/12   
Her birth is one of the happiest days of my life


The Lane Family said...

Your niece is BEAUTIFUL and your sister does not even look like she just gave birth...lucky girl!!!

I also really like the one of her husband holding her hand and supporting her....what treasured memories!!