Thursday, August 2, 2012


Long and busy week but I do have some cute things about Emma and Josh.


 1. She is becoming very bossy although I am trying to work with her on it.  I hear a lot of "Go get me this thing that I want and can't live without this exact moment or I am going to scream in a high pitched voice until you get it."

2. She had a fun time at my sister's baby shower, although she thought it was for her.  She kept calling it "My party" and when she was helping them open gifts, she would say "Oh look, I got a shirt!"


1. I took him to the allergist this week alone and he was like a different kid.  He sat quietly and talked to the doctor. (He kept calling the doctor by name when he came back into the room!)  He was a lot less crazy without his partner in crime around.

2. He has never used a pacifier until recently.  He found a couple around the house and has developed an attachment to them.  He doesn't suck on them, only bites on them.  But I don't want to start that habit with him at 2.5 years old!


1. They are always so concerned about one another.  When I took Josh to the doctor, Emma went to my parent's house.  When she got a snack, she asked about a snack for Josh!   And when I hand Josh a cup from the fridge, he always asks for one for Emma too.