Thursday, August 9, 2012


We had a nice week at our house. Work was not too busy and although its still hot, it hasn't been crazy hot so we can turn the air off at night and enjoy the summer night. 

All of the pictures in my post are from Emma and Josh doing  a project with food coloring and baking soda, kept them busy for awhile!


1.  I said to her "Emma, you are being cranky pants this morning" and she said "I'm not a cranky pants. I'm an Emma"


1. He has started saying "Can I..." a lot.  Like, "Can I play with this?" or "Can I have that?"  He sounds so cute when he says it!


1. They have a mostly "love" relationship but they also fight, mostly over toys.   They do hit or push one another (which I am working on...) but then they are quick to make up by giving each other hugs and kisses.

2. I packed up a lot of baby toys and other stuff for my sister, who is due in the middle of September.  Emma and Josh had a hard time letting the toys go (even though they barely played with them when they were babies.)  They keep telling me that "Olivia took their toys to play with."