Thursday, August 16, 2012


We had a fun week at our house, another week went so fast! All of the stuff that I am going to share applies to both of them, they seem to really be "two peas in a pod" lately.


Playing in the his underwear


Emma saying "washed the spider out" while she sang Itsy Bitsy


1. They are really into movies.  We have watched Wall-E, UP and Cars this week and they really like all of them. They can only make it through about 30-45 minutes without getting antsy though.

2. We put them down to bed at 7:30 still but they are up sometimes a full hour in their cribs, just talking.  They talk about everything and sometimes I just stand outside the door and listen.

3. We have removed the trays off of their highchairs and they now sit directly at the table with us to eat dinner.  They love that but when they are done with their meal (and it could talk them all of one second to decide they are done!) they just crawl out of their seat and run out of the room.

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