Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hope everyone is enjoying their week. Lately, our weeks are "half and half." They are half tantrum filled scream fests and the other half is fun loving, giggling toddlers. You take the good, you take the bad...right?!


1. She will argue with you over just about anything.   "Emma, do you want pizza?"  "I don't like no pizza!"  Okay then...

2.  When I was changing her diaper, she told me that "poopy stinks, pee is wet and toots are loud."   I seriously died when she told me it.


1. We got him the "Truck Tunes" DVD from the library again and he is so happy.  He begs to watch it morning, noon and night.  His favorite trucks are the Excavator and the Feller Buncher.

2.  When I give him food, he is always so appreciative.  (Not that he eats it, but he really appreciate it.) He says "oh thank you, Mom" or "this looks yummy, mom!"


1. They have been putting balloons under their shirt and running around...and saying they look like Kiki (my sister)


ergobaby said...

wow! They are so happy! The same to grandpa and grandma.

Cute baby!