Thursday, September 6, 2012


My things this week pertain to the arrival of Olivia:


1. She really has not asked about Olivia too much.  She was more interested in the cats and fish at my sister's house!  I know that will change but right now, she is not too interested.

2. When I first showed her the picture of Olivia, she said "Oh, I like her bracelet mommy."  Yes, the hospital bracelet is very stylish.


1. He couldn't be more interested in Olivia.  He would not leave her side when we went for our visit.

2. The night my sister got induced, I told the kids that Olivia would be here soon.  The next morning, the first thing Josh said to me was "Is Olivia here yet?!"  When I told him she wasn't, he proceeded to check our family room to make sure.

3. When he first saw Olivia's picture, he was very concerned that she was not wearing a shirt.  He kept saying "that baby needs a shirt!"