Thursday, September 13, 2012


Emma and Josh have been so much fun this week. They are so expressive and like to tell me stories about what they do during the day.  I could listen to them talk for hours!


1. These pictures are from his recent trip to see the allergist. We've confirmed he does not have an egg white allergy but he has a peanut allergy. He was so, so good during the 4 hour testing, I was so proud of him. When they gave him egg to eat, he said "Oh this egg is so tasty. thank you!'


1. She hit me in the face with a plastic golf club so I put her in timeout.  Before I would take her out of the crib, I asked her to say "I'm sorry."  For 45 minutes, she refused and even told me "I didn't do anything!"  Finally, I got a muffled "Sorry" out of her and we went on with our day.   Already stubborn!


1. They have so, so much fun together.  They like to play all kinds of pretend games and are always going on some kind of adventure.  Today, they were pretending to be Thomas and Percy from Thomas the Train.  They were "chugging" all over the house.