Thursday, September 27, 2012



1. He now acts sick and sad when I tell him he can't watch videos on my I Phone, in hopes that I will feel bad for him and give him the phone.

2.  At least once a day, he leans over and says "I love you, mom"


1. She has the craziest hair but doesn't like to wear hair clips or hair bands.  She normally ends up looking like a cute ragamuffin.

2.  Instead of "I love you" she tells me "I like you, mom"


1. I am amazed at how much they like to play together.  They create all of these scenarios, like chasing ghosts or looking for spiders and they run around the house talking about it.  They also have started playing with their toy kitchen and barbecue alot.  They call it "playing house."

2. Both of them like to talk about how me, Dan, Josh and Emma are all "family."  They will say "you guys are my family" or "this is our family."  Its precious