Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grandpa Birthday

My dad's birthday was on Friday so we got together as a family on Saturday to separate.  We had a nice time eating subs and cake. And Emma and Josh got to see Olivia which they talked about for the rest of the day!

Emma playing blocks

Paul, my sister and Josh

Olivia stretching

Oh Josh and that baby...

Silly Josh

My grandma, mom and Olivia

Emma, eying the cake

Ready to blow out candles

Actually blowing

Silly Emma

Giving Kiki a kiss

Yep, she is silly

My grandpa, sister and Olivia

My dad holding Olivia

The only picture we got of grandpa with his grandkids

My grandma and Olivia

Me holding Olivia

Happy (and tired) family

I love this face!

Emma's turn to love Olivia

Josh holding Olivia's hand


The Lane Family said...

So fun that you live close to family and can enjoy getting together!!! I LOVE the picture of grandpa and the grand kids it makes me laugh!!!