Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Fun Part 1

We are doing a "3 part Halloween Extravaganza" at our house (because apparently we like to torture ourselves  have lots of fun.) We went to a Halloween party at our YMCA last night, my family is coming today to see the kids dressed up and then we will see Dan's family on actual Halloween.

Emma loved the Halloween party and was excited to see all of the costumes. Josh was a lot more apprehensive and started crying when he saw a little boy with a full Hulk costume on. (In his defense, it was kind of creepy!)

My little Tinkerbell

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Discussing their  costumes

Emma helping with Josh's hat

Josh at the party

Emma trying to hula hoop

Josh got a "hole in one" at one of the games

Getting candy

Doing a craft

Emma with her spider craft

Josh with his spider craft

Emma found a balance beam

Josh eating his doughnut

Emma eating her doughnut (she actually ate all of the chocolate off the top and then told me she was done)


championm2000 said...

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan?? LOVE!