Thursday, October 4, 2012


Its been a crazy week here. I was on jury duty downtown for 3 days so I had to fight traffic and then sit. And wait! I am glad its over and also glad that tomorrow is Friday.

These pictures are from a birthday party we went to on Sunday, the kids had a blast!


 1. She has developed a little attitude.   When I came to pick her up the other day, she said "go back to the car, I'm still playing!" She also told Dan "don't look at me, look at mommy" when he was trying to talk to her the other morning.  Not even 3 yet...


1. I feel like I talk about this every week, but the kid loves trucks.  Like LOVES trucks.   We have a new truck book from the library (we have officially taken out every single truck related book at least once) and it has a truck for each letter of the alphabet.  He has memorized even the most obscure trucks including Tower Crane and Vacuum Truck. 


1. I love how they think things are hysterical.  They love to run around with their diapers on and laugh and scream.   They also think its funny if we make noises or repeat funny phrases over and over. 


The Lane Family said...

First off I LOVE the Mystery Machine Van and it is funny that Scooby Doo is quite a popular show again...

Kaylee was and is like Miss Emma she is very, very happy to tell me her feelings and what she thinks about things....oh the adventures :)