Thursday, October 11, 2012


This has been a short week for me. I only worked Monday and Tuesday and am off the rest of the week and next Monday. We are getting family photographs today so I am looking forward to seeing how the pictures turn out. These pictures are from a quick trip to a local pumpkin patch. Emma and Josh were not really interested in the pumpkins and were more interested in the junky outdoor toys that they had to the side of the pumpkins, go figure!


1. He dislikes wearing clothes. He prefers to just wear a diaper and run around my house naked.

2. He has been saying "Mom" a lot lately.  He will walk around the house saying "Mom, Mom, Mom" until I finally answer him.

Josh in his carseat

With the pumpkins, but eying the toys in the distance


1.  She has been really interested in eating lately.  She is constantly asking for a snack and almost always clears her plate.

2.  Everything is her "favorite."  She told me this week that Halloween is her favorite Holiday, her shoes are her favorite shoes and that I am her favorite mom. 

Emma with the pumpkins
Emma, unhappy to be in her carseat as usual


1. They have been playing "Trick or Treat"  They each have a pumpkin basket and they come up to Dan or me and say "Trick or Treat"  We then ask them a series of questions about their costume (which they aren't wearing at the time) and their age.  We then drop a small toy into the bucket.  They yell "thank you" and then run to the next person to do it again.  I am sure by Halloween, they will not be interested in "Trick or Treat"
Playing with the toys
Sitting with the pumpkins