Thursday, October 18, 2012



1. He will not go to bed unless he has about 20 items in his crib.   Books, stuffed animals, trucks, blankets.  I am surprised he can even sleep in there.

2. The other night, right after I put him to bed, he was calling for me.  I went back in there and he was sitting in his crib.  Wearing sunglasses.  He thought he was being so funny and I couldn't stop laughing.  I don't know if I will ever forget the sight of him sitting there with the sunglasses on.


1. She says the funniest things and is a real character. The other night, she looked at me and said "You're the best, mom.  Just the best"   She also likes to tell me "Not today, maybe tomorrow" when I ask her to do things.

2.  She has such a good imagination.  She likes to pretend she is characters from TV and will carry on her impersonation for a long time.  "No Mom, I'm not Emma.  I'm Percy now" (from Thomas the Train.)  Its so funny.


1. They have started asking me for something and when I say "No" they then go to Dan and tell him I said "Yes" or vice versa.   And so it begins...

2.  They try to put one another in time out if they don't like what the other is doing.  They will say "You don't do that.  Go to time out!"


championm2000 said...

What is it about cramming as much stuff into the crib as they can find?? My two do the same thing!

And putting each other in time-out? LOL!