Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Dan and his family yesterday at our house. I made a roast instead of turkey, since all of us ate turkey on Thanksgiving.

We also celebrated Dan's Mom's birthday and his parent's 40th anniversary. Emma and Josh took a late nap so they slept through dinner (which was fine with me, I actually got to eat!) but they were happy to get up and eat some birthday cake.

My sometimes serious boy

Emma, eating a roll

Checking out Uncle Kevin's I phone

Playing with nana

Josh loves cars now, too

Playing cars

Dan's parents

Happy Birthday!

Emma and Josh with their cake


The Lane Family said...

What a GREAT day!! It is nice when sometimes you can eat a meal while it is warm...I LOVE those moments :) The cake looks DELICIOUS I can see why they wanted some!!