Thursday, November 29, 2012


 Emma and Josh like to pull into our driveway during Holiday time. I do a lot of online shopping so they are always looking for a box on the front step.  And if they see one? They demand that I open it immediately so they can play with the packing materials!


1.  She likes to bargain with me.  If I tell her "No, you can't have that," she likes to respond with "Well how about one of these?"  or "I will just have a little bit."


1. He loves cereal, mostly cheerios.  He has started asking for them instead of eating dinner.  He can also eat 2 or 3 bowls!


1.  They are true partners in crime.  I catch them pulling chairs over so that the other can climb up and get on my counters.  I hear them plotting to yell so I come and check on them in their room at bedtime.  "Yell like this and mommy will come!"  Oh yeah, we're in trouble!


The Lane Family said...

It is so CUTE that they do not care what is the in the box they just want the packing stuff...LOVE IT!!

My other favorite thing is that they are team up to enjoy all kinds of activities..sounds very, very familiar :)