Thursday, November 8, 2012


We had another fun but busy week over at our house. I am hoping work slows down soon so I don't feel like I am running like crazy all the time!


1. She has really started to enjoy playing with her dolls.  She likes to line them all up and then pretend to be a doctor and fix them.  The other day, she was running through their ailments one by one.  "Your tummy hurts, you have head hurt, your throat is sick, etc."


1. I have been teaching him how to respond with his name when someone asks him by saying "Hi, my name is Josh or Joshua."  The problem is that we call him "Joshie" so much that he always responds with that! Dan told me that at this gym class last night though he was one of the only kids who said his name loud and clear and he did say "Josh" so its sinking in!


1. They love playing together.  Emma always says "Come on Josh!" when she is running off to do something and Josh is always quick to follow her.  Josh loves bring Emma toys and then jokes with her by running away with them.  I can't believe how cute it is to watch them interact together.