Monday, December 31, 2012

Dan's Birthday

Dan's birthday was on the 30th and we celebrated with his parents yesterday. We had pizza and cake so Emma and Josh were thrilled!
Dan's mom setting out desserts

Emma eying the cake

Dan's dad and Josh


Emma and Dan (yes, he is wearing a party hat)

Dan and his family

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out candles

Opening up gifts

No party is complete without jumping on the couch


Josh jumping

Friday, December 28, 2012


Emma has been taking a dance class for the past 6 weeks and last night, they had a recital. The recital was mostly the teacher conducting a dance class for us to see and it was as cute as could be.

The kids greeting my dad

Emma and my mom

The little ballerinas

Emma, warming up


Moving in a circle

Little Ballerina

More stretching

At the barre

At the barre

On stage


With Josh

After her performance

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

We woke Emma and Josh up at 7 and they were very excited to see that Santa had come to our house. Then ran straight to the Thomas Train table and then checked out all of their gifts.
Waiting in the hallway

Emma was still tired...

...and Josh, too!

checking out the Thomas Trains

They both love them!

Emma checking out the Thomas trains

Onto the other presents

Opening up gifts

We had to slow them down, they opened up presents so quick!
We posed for some pictures by our tree (of course Emma was not having it...) and then went to my parent's house for more presents and dinner.


Emma and Josh

Emma and Josh


Baby Olivia

Opening up stockings

Thomas video!

Emma opening up a gift

Emma got her doctor doll

I look overly excited.  In truth? I was overly tired/getting a cold


Josh opening  gift

Emma got a vanity and Josh got a tool bench

Watching Polar Express in 3D

Eating cake