Friday, December 21, 2012


I have been trying to do an activity each day with Emma and Josh, especially when I am home or on the weekend. They are always asking to do activities now, the messier the better! We made cotton ball snowmen, glitter circle ornaments to hang in the windows and then played with a substance that was likely created by someone without children called "Moon Sand." Has anyone ever played with this? Think of Play-doh but like a million times messier. Honestly? I threw it out when we were done. Never, ever, ever again.

I like doing activities with Emma and Josh and they enjoy it, too! Anything that keeps them occupied, even for a short time, is worth it to me.
Josh and the moon sand

Cheesy Boy

Crazy hair

Emma and her moon sand

Cotton Ball Snow Man


The Lane Family said...

Oh yes MOON is very messy I agree and whenever the kids get it for gifts or for fun I always...CRINGE..but I have found that it quickly vaccum's up :)

We also do tons of crafts because the girls like them..when the kids are old enough that you do not have to worry about them putting things in their mouth..pony beads are great fun and you can put them on pipe cleaners and make all kinds of twins...heaven even my 7 year old LOVES to do this!!