Monday, December 17, 2012

Actual Third Birthday

Emma and Josh are officially 3 YEARS OLD! I am home all week from work so I got to spend the day with them.  Emma was running a fever so we spent the day inside playing, making cupcakes, eating Subway for dinner and then opening a few presents.

Its been a fun, crazy, tiring, happy, sometimes sad, stressful, exciting 3 years.  There are times that I think I can't handle one more whine, cry, destroying my house kind of moment and just when I am at the edge of sanity, one of the kids will smile and me or tell me a secret and it clicks...its worth it.  Its not easy and its not always fun.  But there are moments when it all comes together and those moments get us through the next set of challenges that come along with 2 three year olds.

I am excited to keep up with documenting the life of my two little's to another year, wherever that may lead us!
My little ragamuffin

Josh playing golf

Running around

Josh bothering Emma

Emma expressing her displeasure

Emma bothering Josh right back