Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Button Fun

I mentioned how I love that Emma and Josh can find joy in routine household items. I wanted to share one activity that they really enjoy because, well, its such an easy activity to set up and it literally keeps them occupied forever.

I bought a plastic container of multi-colored buttons from Michael's Craft Store for $5. (I was actually using them as part of a reward program for the kids but that is on hold right now as they lost interest. Or I lost interest. Whatever)

I then found 8 plastic containers, which just happened to be my old Medela storage bottles! I then drop one of each colored button into each of the bottles. Finally, I spread handfuls of buttons in front of the kids and they go to town, sorting the buttons into each of the bottles by color.

During the sort, I ask them questions like "Can you think of something else that is blue?" or "Can you find me the button that is the color of the sun?" I am telling you...they love it!

Emma sorting the buttons

Buttons in a jar

More buttons

My little organized button sorters

Josh sorting buttons


The Lane Family said...

AWESOME!!! I LOVE This idea my girls would LOVE it!!!!