Sunday, December 23, 2012

Groves Family Christmas

We started off our Christmas celebrations at Dan's parents' house last night where we got to spend time with his aunts and uncles and his brothers.  We had a nice meal, sang some songs and then opened up presents.  Of course, Emma and Josh loved that part! Emma also loved the dessert table and every time I looked over, she was circling the table and grabbing another treat.

Emma hugging Dan's grandma

Josh, Dan's mom and grandma

Emma with elf ears

Josh with reindeer ears

Singing "The 12 days of Chistmas"

Someone gave Emma a recorder...

She loved it!

Josh, now with a Santa hat

The kids and Dan's parents

Me and Josh

Checking out some new presents

Emma feeding her baby doll


The Lane Family said...

I LOVE there great Christmas outfits SO FUN!!! The picture of Emma with her Great Grandma is priceless...