Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lights and Santa

We had a fun weekend (well until Josh kept us all up with the stomach flu last night. He appears to be doing a lot better...) checking out some Christmas lights and then seeing Santa. Emma and Josh went up to him after a little coaxing from me. And from Santa, who bribed them with a candy cane. Josh told him he wanted "Thomas Trains and Tracks" and Emma told him she wanted "Barbies." What? First time she has ever mentioned that. I think Santa is hoping she really wants the other items she has already asked for!

Goofing around at the lights


Running...and losing her pants!

Both running, they are so wild!

The gazebo in the center of our city

Josh on his way to Santa

Emma on her way

No real smiles.  But no tears, either!

Me and Josh on the farm where we saw Santa

Cheesy kids

Emma on the farm

And Emma jumping!


Shanny said...

Ahh poor Josh! Hope he gets better soon... And yes, hope Santa does make Emma happy with her first requests lol

The Lane Family said...

What FUN photo's!! I have to laugh at the one where Ms. Emma has lost her pants....Kaylee also has that problem.

I love what they told Santa..when Aidan was their age until he was about 5 he LOVED Thomas..the Barbies are funny.....I am sure whatever Santa brings she will LOVE.