Thursday, December 13, 2012


This was a lot better of a week around here. Everyone was feeling better and I am getting ready to be off all next week, which is so exciting! We are also preparing for their birthday party, which is Saturday.


1. She comes up with the funniest phrases.  The other day, I leaned in towards her because I thought I smelled something and she turned to look at me and said "Hey, what's the big idea?"  She also tells me "Don't be a stranger!" when she walks away from me.

Emma watching Josh build something out of play-doh


1. He loves to take things out of my kitchen drawer.  The other day, he asked for a knife, I told him about how we don't play with knives and that when he is older, he can have one.  He asked "How old?" and I told him "5."  The next day, he told Dan's parents "when I am 5, mommy is buying me a knife!" 

Josh cutting his play-doh


 1.My grandma was talking to them about birthday cake for their party this weekend.  (and coincidentally, she is actually buying their cake!)  When my grandma asked if she could have some of Josh's cake, he said "Yeah, but just a little piece!"  When she asked Emma, she said "No, maybe we will get you your own cake."

Emma and Josh marveling at what appears to be Mickey Mouse


The Lane Family said...

So FUNNY!!! I love the comment's that Miss Emma has especially about the birthday cake. That is one of the things I LOVE about blogging is it is a chance to write down these moments and things they say so you can always remember and go back and laugh about them.