Sunday, December 16, 2012

Birthday Party

We had Emma and Josh's 3rd Birthday party yesterday. The whole day, I kept thinking "Didn't we just do this? How can they be three?!" I made a couple appetizers and we had our immediate family over. Our theme included both Thomas the Train and Minnie decorations.

Emma and Josh loved all of their presents and wanted to open every single toy the second they go it. Josh got a bunch of trucks, which made him a really happy boy! Emma got a Minnie cash register, which she really loved.
Me and Olivia



Table with the cakes

Emma checking out her cake

Josh and his cake

Emma and Josh organizing their presents

Waiting for presents to begin

Josh opening his gift

The party scene

Josh and his trucks

me and Emma

the birthday kids

Emma and Josh


My sister and Olivia

Yes, Olivia was that tortured.  Josh needs to control his "love"


Krisy said...

Umm yes I swear we just did this, time is really flying by. Happy
3rd birthday Emma and Josh!