Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Artists

Emma and Josh enjoy art projects and recently got an an art table from my parents for Christmas.  Between that and their easel, they have plenty of room to be creative.  Emma loves to color and mostly makes circles.  She also holds the crayon the proper way and can sit for awhile.  Josh is more interested in making lines but struggles to hold the crayon and prefers to grasp it with all fingers.  He also gets bored quickly, such a boy!

Art table set up

Emma drawing


Josh, checking out Emma's picture


View from above


Amy said...

Um, where did you find printer paper like that? I feel like I'm looking at an ancient artifact!

The Lane Family said...

So fun!! One thing that I really love and admire about kids is that they all of their own personalities and they are always thinking of all kinds of different things and using their imaginations.

When you have multiples it is even more interesting to watch because they you can watch two kids the same age and raised the same way and how they develop their own personalities!!