Monday, January 21, 2013

Perspective: Snow

Today, it is freezing here. Actually, it would probably feel balmy if it were freezing because the high today barely made it into double digits. Gotta love Ohio.

All day, I joined every one I met in the usual complaints about the cold temperature and the snow. I wore a heavy wool hat, two pairs of socks and calculated the days left until spring about ten times.

And then I picked up Emma and Josh. They ran up to me and said "Look Mom, Snow!!". Emma then said to me "The snow is beautiful!". What a different perspective than what I had all day. Instead of seeing slushy roads and coldness, my children saw beauty. Instead of being bothered by the snow and cold, they were excited. Perspective.

I planned to run them to the car quickly but instead, I pulled hats over their ears and let them catch snowflakes on their tongues. While I watched them, I was thankful for the reminder that each day, I can choose how I view the things that happen to me.


Krisy said...

What a nice perspective on this weather, thanks! We live in PA so we are experiencing the same awful temps!

The Lane Family said...

I love watching my kids and taking the moments to enjoy how they see the world and like you said something that we are not loving can be a treasure and an amazing adventure in their eyes!!