Thursday, January 3, 2013


 The holidays are over and its back to getting up early and going to work.  I got used to seeing Emma and Josh so often and I missed them a lot yesterday.   At least this is a short week and the weekend is almost here!


1. I have been removing items from her if she misbehaves and she seems to understand that this is not a good thing because now she threatens to remove items from me if she isn't happy.

2. I asked her if she wanted to try dance class again and she told me she wanted to try soccer instead.
Yes, in just her underwear.  Its a new thing at our house, no pants!


1. He is obsessed with the snow and begs me to let him stick his hands in it when I load him into the car.

2. He has become a horrible sleeper and thinks of every excuse to try to get out of bed including the potty, needing to be covered up and the newest excuse? bugs in his bed.
Josh, sans pants

1. They are still really into pretending and always have some kind of elaborate set up that involves a story that I can't seem to follow.  But they have so much fun and its enjoyable to watch them!
Pretending they are in snow

Best Buddies


The Lane Family said...

Having to get back into the groove is always tough..especially when you are not with your cute kids all day :)

One of my kids is like Emma she knows when she is in trouble and will just go and take a sticker away...the other two just pretend I am not talking..

I also know about the sleeping issue...I have one that can think of EVERYTHING and EVERY reason not to go to sleep or stay asleep :) I just tell myself some day they will be teenagers and I will have the challenge of getting them out of bed :)

jane said...

I hate going back to work after spending some extra time with my children. One of my mine is going through a bad sleep phase right now and it is so difficult to deal with. Hopefully it will end soon though