Thursday, January 10, 2013


Another week! As I type this, Emma and Josh are playing in our playroom in the basement and told me "Its ok, Mom. You can go upstairs, we are playing down here!"


1. I have mentioned how she loves to eat and she really does.  I told her to pick out a bowl for her cereal so she opened the drawer and sifted through them until she found a big tupperware bowl and said "You can put my cereal in here, mom!"

Emma organizing the hairbows that she refuses to wear
Emma Sophia


1. Boy does he love Emma! I was disciplining Emma by removing one of her toys and she was crying.  Josh ran up to me and said "You be nice to my sister!" and then he grabbed the toy and told me "I am giving it back to Emma, you are making her sad." Looks like she has a little protector.

Josh being silly
and sillier!