Thursday, January 17, 2013


Excuse the short post and grainy iPhone photos, I have a million things to today and not much time to do it!


1. I have mentioned that she loves drawing.  Her two favorite things to draw are suns and spiders, except they look exactly the same.  Its a circle with a bunch of lines coming out.  Precious.
Emma riding her bee inside
Playing at the mall


1. He is a little reporter and always tells me what everyone else is doing.  "Mom, Emma just tried type on your computer." "Daddy just ate a cookie."  "Papa gave me chocolate milk."  I better watch what I do around him!

He never wears pants at home

Ever.  But he does like to clean!


The Lane Family said...

The bee is so cute!!! I also have someone who REPORTS everything we call her our "little police Officer"