Thursday, January 31, 2013


 Again excuse the grainy cell phone pictures! The pictures are from a trip to the library for a story time.  And one of Josh is from my grandparents house, we visited them this week.


1. We were driving and she told me a couple times that she saw a Christmas sign.  When  I asked her about the sign, she told me "I am talking about the one with the reindeer jumping, its for Christmas!"   A few minutes later we drove past a "Deer Crossing" sign and she said "See, mama, a reindeer!"


1. He has learned that when things like the stove, microwave or toaster beeps, his food will be coming shortly.  And he listens for the beep and then yells "It beeped, that means the food is ready!'  Every.single.time!


1. They both love to help do things and are always asking to dust, clean the floors or help me cook.  Of course it ends up taking ten times longer but I love that they are interested!


The Lane Family said...

LOVE the pictures!! It looks like they had a GREAT time at storytime!!

I agree that when the kids help and it does take a lot longer but then I think to myself...when they are teenagers I will have to beg them to help :)