Saturday, January 26, 2013

Visit at Kiki's house

We went to my sister's house today for a visit since we all haven't seen each other in a couple weeks. Everyone has been sick so this is the first time we've had a in a couple weeks to get together. Emma and Josh loved playing with Olivia's baby toys and Olivia looked so cute in the outfit I got her for Christmas.

Josh with "Sophie the Giraffe"

Baby Olivia

Emma on the playmat

Josh showing Sophie to Olivia

My sister and Emma

Emma and Olivia

Three cousins

me and Josh


The Lane Family said...

I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE that you live close to family and that these 3 will be able to grow up together I am sure that they will have all kinds of fun together and it looks like Josh and Emma are more than willing to try out her stuff and enjoy being with her :)

The picture of you and Josh is so cute!!