Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Days of Fun

I have been off of work the past couple days which means I am trying to keep Emma and Josh occupied in the house since it won't stop snowing and its freezing out. We have done a lot of stuff including building a huge fort in the family room, watching movies with popcorn and doing some crafts. I took pictures of some of our projects below:

Josh holding his Octopus made out of a tp roll

Emma and her octopus

Josh thought it was so funny!

Upon request, I made them their own doorway out of a large box

They loved it and its still up in our hallway

Goofy coloring

Hard at work  (notice all the babies in the bouncy seat!)

Completed crafts

Caterpillar on a leaf

Coloring books


The Lane Family said...

It looks like you have been having some FUN!!! I LOVE the crafts you made and it gave me some great ideas and they are so CUTE!!!!

The coloring table is so cute and I loved how Emma has her babies happy in their bouncy seat..so cute and way to use their imagination!!