Friday, February 8, 2013

First Dentist Trip

We took Emma and Josh for their first dentist visit today. Josh didn't do so good. He sat in the chair but that was about it. Once she reclined it, he started to get nervous and when she started to count his teeth, he began crying. We tried to get him calmed down but he wasn't having it!

Emma did a lot better. She sat in their chair, wore the sunglasses, opened her mouth and let them count and clean her teeth. I guess 1 out of 2 isn't so bad!
Josh checking out the tools


Emma checking out the tools

In the chair

Wearing the sunglasses

Getting her teeth cleaned


Leigh @ OneandOneEqualsTwinFun said...

Super adorable twins! My kids need their second dentist visit but I am dreading it since the tooth brushing isn't their fav! OOPS!
Nice to find another twin mom blog!

Amy said...

Evan wouldn't sit in the chair by himself or cause a fuss until the 2nd visit last year. So, I'd call your visit a success all the way around! :)

Nelson Mcglaughlin said...
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Gus Eckles said...

It's nice to hear that Emma did well even though Josh reacted a little differently. So how was their teeth? Anyway, one way to make children comfortable in the dentist's chair is to educate them about the procedures and the importance of each dental visit. Cheer them on and keep on assuring them that there is nothing to be scared about. Smalls things like that will help make your child believe that dental visits can be comfortable and fun too.
Dr. Thomas Seal DDS

Calandra Novak @ WhitFordsDentist said...

They may be twins, but it's normal that they react differently on the situation. I guess, Josh wasn't that prepared for dental procedures, especially the idea of sharp instruments going inside his mouth. He'll overcome this one, in time. So, how's the condition of their dental health?

Lon Hollman@Your Celebrity Smile said...

What are the things you noticed that make Josh smile or loosen up? It would be a great support to him if you’d let him have such comforts while he’s on a dentist chair, that is if he still hasn’t warmed up to the setting. :)