Thursday, February 14, 2013


Emma riding her car

My grandparents brought her change for Valentine's Day and she loved putting it in her bank

1. She stood on one leg the other day and told me "Look, mom, I'm a flamingo!"

2. She was standing at the top of the stairs and told me she was scared to come down.  I told her "Emma, just walk down, you don't have to be afraid" and she said "I'm not afraid of walking.  I am afraid of falling!"  So clever


Josh riding his car
Josh with my grandparents

1. He has recently started to talk about doing "bad guy things" and told me "I am going to take this and hide it like a bad guy!"  He is normally so sweet but his "bad guy" persona has been coming out every one in awhile.

2. He had a runny nose this week and continually asked for a Kleenex so that he could put it in front of his face and noisily pretend to blow his nose.

Riding their cars all over the house