Thursday, February 21, 2013


We've had a nice week at our house. We celebrated my mom's birthday over the weekend and the kids have enjoyed extra time with Dan as he has some extra days off of work.


1. She is clearly the one in charge between her and Josh.   I have caught her giving orders to Josh a lot this week but he seems to like to follow along...for now.

Being silly with my grandparents


1.  I mentioned to him that we are going to the library and he got really excited and started naming off all the books on trucks that he wants to take out.
Being silly, wearing my grandpa's hat
Cuddled up in his Cars blanket


1. They have discovered the show "Team Umizoomi" on NickJr and they love it.  They call one another Milli and Geo (and insist that we do the same) and race around in their Umizoomi cars.  Its cute to watch.

2. They like picking out their own breakfast in the morning.  Emma normally picks cereal (cheerios or rice crispies) and Josh has been selecting cinnamon toast for a long time. 

I made heart shaped pizzas for Valentine's day!


Shanny said...

Awww so cute with the heart-shaped pizza!

The Lane Family said...

That is so cute that Emma has decided that she is in funny!!

My son like Josh LOVES the library so I can see why he is so excited it is AWESOME!!!

It looks like they had a great Valentine's Day and the cake is AWESOME!!

KC @ genxfinance said...

GO Emma. And oh, I'm loving the heart-shaped pizza.