Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day

Now that Emma and Josh are a little older, I have been celebrating each holiday with them because they enjoy it and there is not much else going on in the middle of this cold winter. This morning, I hid 6 clues around the house and told them a leprechaun left them a present that they would find if they followed the clues. I showed them a video of a cartoon leprechaun on the computer and they weren't very interested but they were excited to follow the clues. At the end of the clues, they each got some candy and a funny Saint Patrick's Day headband. I also gave them one of their Christmas gifts that I had hidden away and they were happy with that! Its nice that they are excited about small things.
Letter left by the leprechaun

He left some shamrocks, too

Emma with her candy

Emma and Josh

Some decorations

Josh with his funny headband

Emma with hers (and the candy, too!)