Thursday, March 28, 2013


This week has been going fast, which is nice! I haven't done an update in a couple weeks and it amazes me how much Emma and Josh are changing and maturing lately. They communicate with us on a more grown up level and they are constantly trying to get their way by bargaining. ("I will brush my teeth if I can have a chocolate cookie!")


1. She is really into cats right now and is always asking to watch cat videos on Youtube.  If she is not watching videos, she is crawling around and purring like a cat. She also told Dan's mom that I was going to buy her a fluffy white cat named "Cheese."  


1. Dan's dad recently had knee surgery and Josh has been very interested in talking to him about the surgery.  He is so compassionate and wants to check out his knee.  Josh will also will sit with him for a long time and ask him to tell more stories about his knee and the surgery.  Such a nice boy!


1. They still love to play together but have started arguing more about toys.  They also get mad at one another if the other does not want to play what they want to play.  But overall, they are still best buddies.