Monday, May 27, 2013

Thomas the Train

We took Emma and Josh to see Thomas the Train at our local railway and they were so excited! They had a bunch of activities set up and then we got to go on a train ride, very fun!
Emma before we left

And Josh

We stopped to see a waterfall on the way


Checking out the waterfall

Josh was excited!

They watched the waterfall for awhile
Me and the kids

Josh found a caterpillar

Playing on a truck at the Thomas event

Josh loved that truck!

Playing in a bouncy house

Coloring some Thomas pictures

Waiting to get on the train

me and Emma on the train

Dan and Josh

Emma showing off her Percy tattoo

On the train

Looking out the window of the train


Me and Josh, with Thomas in the back

How you know its time to go home...the kids were tired and insisted that I carry them both!


The Lane Family said...

What a FUN day!! Aidan was our HUGE Thomas Fan and we never made it to one of those events and it looks FUN!!!

I LOVE the picture of you carrying two at once....twin moms know that feeling very well!!