Thursday, May 9, 2013


Another week of beautiful weather equals happy kids. I love that its Spring and we still have an entire summer to look forward to. My things this week pertain to both Emma and Josh.


1. They are really into cats right now and like to pretend to be cats.  It sounds cute but after about 5 minutes of constant purring, meowing, and scratching my leg, I sometimes want to scream!

2. Its impossible to get them to go to bed at night.  They know they have to stay in their beds but they spend hours just talking and laughing.  I have resorted to laying on their floor some nights until they fall asleep.

3.  They love being outside and beg to go outside all the time.  Once they are outside, I can't get them in!

Josh and his bubbles

Emma and her bubble wand

Emma blowing fuzzies off of a flower

Little soccer star

Watching daddy work on the deck

Digging with his trucks


The Lane Family said...

This post was AWESOME!!!! First off you are NOT the only mom with the bedtime problem when it comes to girls are the same of us has to stay in there until they fall asleep because they just have WAY to much fun talking and getting out of bed!!

I LOVE how much they enjoy the outdoors my kids are the same way and that is great thing...except when it is tome for dinner or naps!!

The picture of them blowing the seeds off the flower is so our house we call those wish flowers :)