Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kids Fest and Birthday Party

We had a busy Saturday! I did Zumba and than ran 4 miles (Oh, I am training for a half marathon- more on that soon!) and then we took Emma and Josh to "Kids Fest" which was at a local park. They had trucks that the kids could climb on, Jump Houses, face painting, big bubbles and much more. The kids loved it! We then went to Dan's parents' house and celebrated his Dad's birthday.

Emma on the bus to Kid Fest

And Josh

Waiting to go into a jump house

Josh on an ambulance

Josh in an army jeep

Emma on a fire truck

In a police SWAT van

Emma, just hanging around

Emma coming down the slide

Josh in the bounce house

At the top of the slide

And at the bottom

Emma and me on the bus

At Dan's parents house

Uncle Kevin folding paper for the kids

Dan's dad and Uncle John

Checking out the ipad with Aunt Bette and Dan's mom

Playing on the swingset

Josh loves to swing

Emma loves to climb

And slide!

Dan's dad with his cake

Emma trying to climb into the cake

Papa with his grandkids

Josh stole the cake box

Emma, being Emma


The Lane Family said...

Way to go Shannon training for a half-marathon!!!!

It looks like the kids had a blast and made lots of memories with their grandparents as well.

I have to say the last picture of Emma just cracks me up because it looks like a pose I would get from one of my kids :)