Thursday, June 13, 2013

TIDWTFT: The Mall playdate version

I took Emma and Josh to our local mall last night. They have monthly play date events set up with a snack, craft and then story time. Last night, they made a present for Father's Day and then got to visit with Ma and Pa from the Berenstain Bears before the story. Both of them were excited to see the characters but only Emma would stand with them to take a picture.

 I took the kids to the mall by myself since Dan was helping his parents and overall, they were good. Emma enjoyed coloring, Josh just wanted to eat his cookies and both went to the bathroom without any problems. The only difficult part is that neither of them want to sit still during the story so they both took turns crawling around to find a new seat. I hope they learn to just sit and relax once in awhile once they are in school!
Emma coloring

And Josh

With the Bears

Riding the elevator

They both spotted this Lion King ad and wanted to take a picture with it


The Lane Family said...

That is great that they do those kind of fun things at your mall!! Being a Mom of twins as well I know what an adventure it is to go and do things!!