Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Field Trip-Watershed Center

We do our best to take Emma and Josh to as many places around as as we can.  When I found out that a new facility was opening up in our Metropark system, we jumped at the chance to take Emma and Josh.  This Watershed Facility focuses on properly using rainwater and its runoff to conserve water.   The facility is really nice and we look forward to going back and checking it out sometime  soon.

Checking out the freshwater pond

Looking at the freshwater  fish in the aqaurium

Walking in a sewage pipe

By the entry sign

Touching the water

The Wateshed  Facility

Walking on the grounds

Learning how to use rainwater to water plants

Me and my girl on the bus


The Lane Family said...

What a GREAT place!! So fun to learn in such a great environment!!